a little about me


Birthdate:July 22 1998
Height:5' 1
Weight:120 lbs.
Hair Color:Brunette
Eye Color:Brown
Dress Size:3
Shoe Size:6



This is an archive site!

Hello guys, Maya here! I have so much dedication to everything that I am apart of. Such as my cheer, hanging out with my friends, work and of course modeling! I love to be with my friends as much as possible because they know how to always put a smile on my face, but nothing can beat being with my best friends.

My best friends would be my grandmother and my mom. I have ambition towards just constantly moving forward with life and never stopping. I also am new to modeling so I hope that you guys love my photos the way that I loved taking them for you all!<3

Fun Facts

Right-handed or left-handed?Right-handedGrilled or fried?Grilled
Do you wear contacts/glasses?GlassesBoxers or briefs?Briefs
Tattoos?3Morning-person or night-person?Night-person
Piercings?7Pizza or pasta?Pizza
Favorite food?SpaghettiJeans or a dress?Jeans
Do you drink?OccasionallyAbercrombie & Fitch or The Gap?Abercrombie and Fitch
Do you smoke?No Be rich or be happy?Be Happy
Favorite school subject?FrenchShower or a Bath?Bath
Least favorite school subject?Global Issues/Social StudiesFamily or friends?Family
Favorite holiday?ChristmasKiss or hug?Hug
Favorite season?Summer Drugs or alcohol or none?Alcohol
Favorite musical artists/bands?G-Eazy & J BoogBright or dark room?Bright
Favorite TV shows?American Horror Story & Sex and The CityChocolate or vanilla?Chocolate
Favorite movies?Step Brothers & The StrangersDogs or cats?Cats =^.__.^=
Favorite sports?Football & CheerleadingPepsi or Coke?Coke
Favorite sports teams?Seahawks & SeagalsMcDonalds or Burger King?Burger King
Any pets?1 Chihuahua Cappuccino or coffee?Coffee
Favorite color?PinkDo you like to travel by plane?Somewhat
Favorite number?22Are you afraid of the dark?YES ):
Favorite flower?Daisy3 things you can’t live without?Family, food, music
How big is your bed?QueenWhat did you want to be when you were child?A Princess